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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Employee Engagement Activities for Managing High Performance

Research shows that Employee Engagement is directly proportional to the Organizational growth i.e. the maximum an employee will be engaged with the organization the more that Organization will grow.

Employee engagement is more than satisfaction & motivation but once engagement will bring in , satisfaction & motivation will emerge automatically by itself, in fact , these two will be a bi-product of employee engagement. Effusive Engaged employees work for the success & vision of the organization . It is all about development of Disciplined people, Disciplined Thought & Disciplined action by the inception of employee engagement activities. Because once you have disciplined People ,you don’t need “Hierarchies” ; when You have Disciplined thought in your engaged employees , you don’t need “Bureaucracy” and when you have a disciplined action people , you don’t need “Excessive Controls” on the engaged employees.

Employee engagement can’t be developed with money factor for that reason employer has to cover an extra mile & develop empathy not only with the employee but also with their families as well . Followings are some innovative & effective employee engagement activities for managing high performances .

• Appreciation Letter/ shield for Mother / Family Members for employee High performance.
• Birthday Cake & Gift on employee & his dependants.
• Half day on employee Marriage Anniversary with Dinner vouchers.
• Specified Fund for Team Dinner Dept Wise.
• Extra Holiday on Eid by company other than Gazette Holidays
• HR Manager / HOD visit on Child Birth at Home.
• Movie of the Month .
• Professional Trainings without any bond .
• Family Get –to- Gather .
• Ramzan Gift Packs .
• Flexi Hours inception.
• Indulge domestic benefits like Monthly Water Supply.
• Lunch with CEO .
• In-house recreational Activities like Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Snooker ETC
• Parents Health Coverage.

As a result of the above innovative & effective employee engagement activities, the growth of the Organization will be self apparent and no will have to pin point the success that the organization will enjoy as a combined unit.


  1. organizations these days do not care much about employee's engagement or loyalty towards the company as they think paying them salary is big enough to ask them to do their jobs, do extra times, go extra miles and deliver the define target in possible or impossible tenor. i even wonder if there is any organization you know who actually apply any of three innovative activities you listed above?

  2. First of all we would like pay thanks to you that you have shown your interest . well there are lot of organizations where not merely three but more than three or all activities are being practicing. I can name it as well in fact my own orgnaization have been following about more than seven activities , you can figure out lot of pharmaceuticals as well ,where atleast three or more must be prevailing.